Installing-travertine-pavers-around-pool, travertine mart provides information on how to install travertine pavers and travertine tile. get travertine installation for your patio and pool deck.. Travertine pavers can either be mud-set or dry-set during installation. if you're wondering which method to choose before you embark on a travertine installation project, your best bet is to go with the dry-set method., travetine pavers and installation - sand, polymeric sand, concrete. by barbara (nj) how should travertine pavers be installed and are they a good choice around a pool area?. I'm considering installing travertine pavers over my existing kool-deck concrete patio. i know your not a fan of that concept but three different companies have said there shouldn't be a problem in the phoenix area because we don't get much frost or rain., tuscan paving stone shows you how to install a 1" paver over an existing concrete pool deck with a new remodel brick coping..

Paver driveways can be a headache for homeowners as they require constant cleaning to look their best. there are several ways to improve the look of a paver driveways, one of the most effective way of improving the look of your paver driveway is to have it grouted, the example below is one of our driveways that has been grouted with our light tan epoxy paver grout., if you are thinking about travertine pool decking, there are some pros and cons you might want to consider before you start your project!.

Travertine paver costs zip code sq. ft. basic better best; travertine paver – material prices: $690.00 – $740.00: $765.00 – $890.00: $905.00 – $915.00, prices are per square foot and do not reflect total cost. travertine pavers are durable and attractive. its natural accents will enhance the beauty of any outdoor area, big or small.