International-pool-tour, the international pool tour was a professional sports tour created in 2005 by kevin trudeau and hosted by rebecca grant. it aimed to elevate pool to the level of other modern sports. closely modeled on the pga tour, the ipt offered the largest prize funds in pool history in its first year.the tour attracted the top pool players in the world. it differed from the many nine-ball tournaments, as .... Laptop data recovery is the process of recovering data within the hard drive of a non-working piece of hardware. by removing the internal hard disk from the old laptop, connecting it to a working laptop or personal computer and using the appropriate tools and skills to access the hard drive, we can access and restore the data in the hard drive of our malfunctioning laptop!, free business profile for international pool tour at 130 quail ridge dr, westmont, il, 60559-6142, us, international pool tour specializes in: tour operators. this business can be reached at (630) 468-2452..

International pool tour was founded in 2006. international pool tour specializes in pool parlor., acronym definition; ipt: integrated product team: ipt: internet protocol telephony (ip telephony) ipt: ipod touch: ipt: interpersonal psychotherapy (short-term treatment) ipt: ins.

Among the many things for which kevin trudeau was blamed when his international pool tour (ipt) initiative bit the proverbial dust in late 2006, was the demise of the pool hustler, an archetype of americana, similar to a wild west gunslinger, only with a cue stick (they don’t call young emergent pool players ‘young guns’ for nothing).