Wave-energy-companies, eco wave power developed an innovative technology for production of clean electricity from ocean and sea waves. we aim to generate clean & affordable electricity, using a simple but smart design, allowing our floaters to be attached to existing man-made structures, and thereby simplifying installation and maintenance as well as accessibility.. Wave for energy srl is a technology development company started in 2010, headquartered in turin. the company has a strong background in mechatronics, naval architecture and offshore operations. wave for energy, spin off of the politecnico di torino, have developed the first italian 1:1 scale device... based in torino, italy., corpower ocean ab has developed a compact high-efficiency wave energy converter, inspired by the pumping principles of the human heart. using a new phase control method, the wave energy converters always oscillate in resonance with the incoming waves, strongly amplifying their motion and power capture..

Oceanlinx is a company trying to provide a smaller, lighter, innovation for wave-harnessing technology. the “greenwave consists of an underwater tunnel that opens on a cabin full of air that sits..., wave energy companies in edinburgh,scotland and uk pelamis wave power ltd is the most advanced wave energy company and has already demonstrated its generation 1 pelamis wave generators off the coast of is now devlopeding a 25 mw wave energy farm off the same area using its pelamis 2 wave generators which are more advanced..

Ocean power technologies is a one of the leading renewable energy companies in the united states and specializes in the offshore wave power technology., wave developers. the following table contains a list of the wave energy concepts known to emec. this list is alphabetical by company name and is not intended to infer any endorsement by emec of the concept or the companies concerned..

Ocean power technologies (opt) is a leading renewable energy company specializing in cost-effective, advanced, and environmentally sound offshore wave power technology. the electrical power generated by opt`s technology is key to meeting the energy needs of utilities, independent power producers... based in pennington, new jersey (usa)., wave swell energy ltd (wse) is an unlisted australian public company. wse has developed a world leading proprietary technology that converts wave energy into electrical energy. the wse technology produces clean, sustainable electricity without the use of any oil or other contaminants. there are no moving parts in the water.